Monday, January 5, 2015


Is this thing on?

I feel like I just found a box of dusty playboys in my uncle's attic.  An appropriate feeling for reading through your own writing, I guess.  It's slightly embarrassing to the point where I want to throw it all away and start over (I really wanted to carry this playboy metaphor on, but it's just not going to work) but I suppose I will keep it and we will just move on from here.

Monday, February 17, 2014


We worked like a couple of moles this weekend.  Lots of digging.  Ugh, I don't know, I couldn't think of things that dig other than moles and those bugs that dig and push around poop.  I chose the more glamourous of the two.

all 3 beds dug out, new fence (not in the original plan), and all of the concrete/trash/random bones the previous owners left all raked and hauled out.

The plans have changed a bit- everyone who reads this has pretty much nixed my hopes of strawberries, so we'll fill that bed with some more veggies.


The flower garden will make its debut in the next few days!

20 days until daylight savings.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

That time I learned how to use a pickaxe

When we moved into this sweet, little house in August, I immediately started dreaming up the garden.  In fact, I started dreaming it up while we did our time in Houston sitting on our patio looking out into the lush, beautiful, breath taking...parking garage.

We did our best though.  We did small gardening.  Tiny plants in coffee cans.  Barely enough sunlight.

Oh sweet little garden.  You frustrated me straight into inspiration for years to come.

The side yard at our new home was the previous owner's dog yard, so it has a nice metal gate sectioning it off from the rest.  This will keep Bird out of the garden and away from my delicious plants that she loves to eat.

In my mind, this garden will look pretty much exactly like this:

and this

but, for now, this is where we started:

Let me tell you briefly about the journey in learning how to use a pickaxe.  You can only do it on one side, not the other.  You meaning me.  So the next day, every muscle on my right side from my cranium to my pinky toe had a little ache to it.  It's hard, y'all.

We dug out 2 of 3 beds after we measured out and created our master plan.  Here she blows!

We're working with an organization here in Austin to give a portion of our fruits away to promote healthy eating!  So, green thumbs crossed, we will be picking fruits from our garden by early Summer!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

March 2 is coming fast y'all.

The Oscars.  You knew that.

2 things I love about this fiasco:

1.  The movies

2.  Ellen Degeneres hosting

In the next 30 days, I plan to see every film nominated for best picture.  Here are the sneaks of all of them.

12 Years a Slave


Lots of Golden Globes hype about this one.  Super moving.  A true story which always gets me.  And any time Brad Pitt has long hair in a movie (exhibit A) you know it's going to get real.

American Hustle

Can we talk for 5 seconds about how Amy Adams went from this to American Hustle?!  Girl is killing it.  She also stars in one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time of which I will not be made fun of because any movie starring Meryl Streep is immune from heckling.  All this said, this one looks like it may be a bit raunchy for me.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks.  True story.  He's still a babe.  Done deal.

Dallas Buyers Club

Mr. McConaughey, you have come a long way from How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (and also reverted a bit back to Dazed and Confused which is fine).  Happy to see you in 2 films nominated for best picture.  Now please go gain some weight.


I have a hard time getting into space movies (except for Apollo 13...and then I can't think of any other space movies, so maybe this isn't the case), but am willing to give this one a chance.  Mr. Clooney and Sandra for a little space chemistry maybe?! 


Joaquin, I am so happy to see your rapping career come to an end.  
The trailer breaks my heart.  And again...Amy Adams!


I loved Sideways.  No one else did.  I think I'll like this one but will have to venture out of my normal theater to see it.


True story.  The accents.  Her humor.  I'm in.

The Wolf of Wallstreet

Leo has a knack for playing a rich guy conning his way around the FBI.  
There's not a movie he's been in that I haven't loved.
Not one.
Except maybe that island movie.

Some other big ones you don't want to miss:

August Osage County - Someone tell me how...HOW?!?!?!  Is this not nominated for every award from here to kingdom come.  The cast.  This is an outrage. 

The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life - I ordered my copy of this for $7 to support the film making about 5 years ago...then changed my address so many times, I hope it floated into someone's mailbox who really needed it.  

Blue Jasmine of course- Woody did it again and Cate Blanchett nailed it

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welp...I quit my job.

...and bought a ticket for the Funemployment Express.  My last day is this Saturday to be followed by bubbles and oysters with my favorite friend to celebrate.


Oh, and also?  Terrifying.

I had such a wild ride with this job.  So many friends.  So many fun times.  So many stores in so many cities!
My job helped me reach goals I never thought I could reach.

Like Astavakrasana

and Salamba Sirsasana

and running my best running times

and getting a strict pull up

and learning to be a better communicator.

Knowing what it means to work toward greatness instead of mediocrity and how to know when it's time to move toward the next goal.

So here we are!  Next goal.

There are a lot of things that I want for my life that my current job can't give me.  Things like weekends with my man- to watch him race, to take weekend trips, to work on our house. 

There's a lot that I want to do, and I know that leaving is right for me.  Right now.  Before it's too late!

I'm moving on to become a life coach here in Austin, and I have another project in the works with some friends.  That's as far as my plan goes as of now, but the more I talk about it, the more things seem to line up.

If you know someone who needs life coaching, have them call me...wink wink...

But really.